Growing with many companies and consumers in Japan! About FSC Support Project

FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)is an international organization which certifies the process of forest products and manages the distribution worldwide. It was founded in Canada, in October of 1993. It is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. There are 80 countries joined in all over the world. The Japan office “FSC Japan” was built in 2010.

The FSC Support Project” was started in October of 2013. The reason why we started this group is because there was a need to bridge corporate companies and consumers. We provide information to consumers from those companies that use FSC certified products. We are not only about FSC products but also we are about contributing and supporting to protect the forests.

Japan carries the largest portion of imported wood materials from other countries. If we learn how to treat the forest and use wood materials wisely, then it would change to the world, environment, society, and economy. Our FSC Support Project has been started! We would like to have your support to drive forward this educational project and responsibly.

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From the FSC Support Project staff

“Protect the forests while having fun”We introduce ourselves!

Please think about what you can do to protect the forests, to grow and carry on the future. We, FSC Support Project, will provide all of the forest information including activities. Let’s get together for these activities, have fun, and support the forests!

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FSC Support Project

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◆Introduction of FSC products
We introduce the FSC products. And our supporters can post the product information on our Facebook page. Choosing FSC products shows your support about protecting forests and supporting companies. Please feel free to post any FSC products pictures on our Facebook page.

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We introduce the products in our blog, “Product Stories”
◆Share our knowledge of FSC
We collaborate with FSC Japan and WWF Japan (World Wide Fund for Nature Japan), and have PR activities. And we host events and seminars.

There are many FSC events all over the world.

We are featured in “Eco Products Expo”
◆Beneficial activities related to forests
“Playing in the nature” is an important concept to us. We plan Eco tours and events with fun activities. There are unique events only Japan could have.

Tree climbing with a rope

Eco tour in FSC’s forest in Hinoharamura, Tokyo
◆Appeal to use FSC products at work
IT can take us quickly into the future, but there are still many paper products we use at the office. Let’s think to use FSC certified papers for your copy machines, brochures, and packages. We suggest you to start thinking how to protect forests. We introduce case studies.

FSC logo on receipt papers

It’s a positive branding image to use FSC certified papers
◆Support educational activities
The FSC logo might not be familiar to everyone yet. We have structured ideas how to share casually with your friends. Share us on Facebook. You can download a flyer (in Japanese) from our website.

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A flyer (in Japanese) you can download online